I am, I am stuck, I don’t like to define myself into some About Me box.  I have never been good at fitting inside a box or coloring inside the lines.  I am many things. I am passionate, stubborn, and headstrong.  I am firm in what I believe and know why I believe it, whatever it is.  I am a wife, a military spouse for most of our marriage, though I can tell you I intended to not be a military spouse.  Never say never, that is what life has taught me.  I am a mom, 6 amazing children made me a mom after years of infertility. Our 6th is not with us here on earth and is who inspired me to begin to write again.  I homeschool our children, which was another never will I ever.  I like to say I use my Psychology degree every day right here in our home, wherever home may be for the moment, I just happen to not get paid for it monetarily.   I am a MS warrior and fight my MS battle holistically.   I am passionate about health, nutrition, and sharing with anyone who will listen about what to and what not to put in your body.  I love intellectual discussions and debates with others who are able to communicate intelligently without rudeness and hate.  I like to figure out what makes people tick.   Most who know me would say I am honest to a fault and I tell it like it is, even when I look bad and not put together in a given moment.  I’d rather be real and let others know they are not alone then pretend that I have it all together all the time.  And right now, I am broken, so very broken, and I am trying to figure out how to put the pieces back together and not drown under the weight of what life has doled out.